Impronta Sana S.r.l.


Eco-sustainable innovation for the well-being of your feet

Our ECO-insoles are made with natural materials from renewable sources and can be inserted in all footwear with removable support.


Our goal is to make people appreciate the quality and comfort of these materials and to raise awareness of conscious lifestyles and consumption choices, in order to preserve the planet we live on and protect future generations.


IMPRONTASANA® for footwear companies:

An ideal partner for companies that demand quality combined with ECO-sustainable products and have a new vision for the future of their products.

Respect for the environment is a path you follow every day if you choose the right footwear

Footwear made with synthetic materials that we buy then throw away has a very high environmental impact on the planet.

IMPRONTASANA® designs and manufactures ECO-insoles in Italy made with ecological and natural materials for footwear companies, customising each model according to the construction modelling requirements.